A Powerful Motivating Sales Plan

Do you have a powerful, motivating sales action plan?
A. No. We just sell as much as we can.
B. We want to sell more, but have not really considered how we could achieve higher sales.
C. We have an action plan to sell more … much of which is aspirational.
D. We have an action plan (largely undocumented) to sell more … but it is realistic and achievable.
E. We have a detailed action plan to sell more which is challenging, yet realistic and achievable.
[Score:  A=0, B=1, C=2, D=3 and E=4]
Why is this question important?

Everything you ever needed to know in one sentence.

“Show me any man of ordinary ability, who will earnestly tell his story to five or six people a day, and I will show you somebody who can’t go wrong”.  Frank Bettger

Generating Leads

Many marketers’ recommend ‘integrated marketing’ and multiple methods of promotion.  Yet all too often businesses use just one, sometimes two methods – the ones they are most familiar with – ones they use time and again, but often lacking any real evidence as to their effectiveness.

Too many businesses work on the principle of ‘Diving Board Marketing’ where they generate the majority of business from just one method.  That method might be advertising, direct response marketing, personal selling, telemarketing, internet, referrals or many others.  This method can enjoy relative short-term success, but can leave your business vulnerable to any number of marketplace changes.
But when you deploy ‘Parthenon Marketing’ your business becomes much more stable and sustainable facilitating opportunities for growth.  Each method of lead generation builds on each other, thereby dramatically increasing leads, sales and profitability.


Customer Database

Understanding what, why and how your customers buy from you is indispensable to the success of your business.

Among the many advantages of this are:

  • increased sales to new and existing customers through better timing, identifying needs more effectively and cross-selling of other products or services
  • impactful marketing communications, through a more tailored personal approach and the development of new and improved products or services
  • improved customer satisfaction and retention levels
  • increased contribution from your existing customers

An effective customer marketing database and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will permit you to analyse the data, establish who your most profitable customers are and what characteristics they have in common.  You will subsequently have a better idea what profile of person or business to target your marketing on.

A good marketing database – CRM system – will in addition assist you to communicate more productively with your customers by identifying customer groupings to target by a specific method, such as telephone, DRM, email or personal selling.  It can also evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing to ensure that you don’t waste resources on unprofitable customers.

Remember CRM is a sales and marketing issue, not an IT issue.  It is about creating a coherent strategy for enhancing your customer knowledge, which is supported – not led –  by the technology.

“The fastest way to increase your income is simple. ‘Spend more time with better prospects’. This six-word formula is the recipe for high income in every market”    Brian Tracy.

Communicate with your customers … regularly.

Newsletters, bulletin boards, promotions, educational features, company profile, … – via letter, e-mail, text, telephone, personal calling, …

Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing enables you to achieve a direct response from targeted groups of customers.

It’s a particularly useful tool for small businesses because it permits you to:

  • target limited resources where they are most likely to deliver results
  • measure the success of campaigns precisely by evaluating responses
  • test your marketing on samples of your target audience and observe what produces the best response rates before embarking a full roll-out

Effective DRM helps you to:

  • increase sales to existing customers
  • build customer loyalty
  • re-connect with customers
  • generate new business


Irrespective of what business you are in – retail, wholesale, service – it pays to network to increase your contacts and, ultimately, your business.

Put simply – networking is making connections.  For your business, this may involve making connections with family, friends, friends of friends, colleagues, your accountant … each of whom is au fait with your business.  These connections can assist you to solve problems, make better decisions, broaden your knowledge, and generate leads. 
Successful business networking is the linking together of people who, through relationship building, become powerful advertisements for each other.

Consider expanding your network through trade associations, clubs, societies, pro bono work …

“Word of Mouse” – Social Networking.

Of tremendous importance today are the connections you and your business make. Developing relationships via networking events has been the traditional means of making new business contacts.  However today the internet is a meeting place in its own right, where advanced communications technology make ‘on-line face-to-face meetings’ equally as rewarding and productive.From the comfort of your desk you have the opportunity to gain new contacts, achieving considerable savings in cost, time and other resources.  ‘Word of mouse’ will instantly enable you to network with hundreds of businesses.

PR – Public Relations

PR – a great marketing tool – is about getting people to talk and think about your business in a positive way.  It’s how to get good publicity without advertising.

Effective PR can entice and influence customers, suppliers, distributors, banks, potential employees and prospective business partners.

Don’t think PR is for ‘big business’ –  all businesses can use publicity opportunities to maximise exposure. Four ways to begin spreading the word …

  • Create a media list
  • Send out press releases
  • Do it routinely
  • Don’t forget local radio


The key is a logical and challenging written plan of action … which if implemented … will deliver the required number of prospects that you require to feed into your sales pipeline …

  • What product/services you sell now vs. those that you will sell in the future?
  • How will you expand your market share?
  • When you expand your products and services what will your market share look like?
  • Have you got the appropriate staff to deliver the new products?
  • Do you need extra resources or do you need to reassign existing resources?
  • Is there a need to invest in technology and training of you staff?