Delivering Exceptional Performance

Are employees in strategic jobs performing at exceptional levels?
A. Definitely not.
B. A few, maybe.
C. It’s uneven. Some, yes. Others, no.
D. Most of our employees in strategic jobs are performing at exceptional levels.
E. All our employees in strategic jobs are performing at exceptional levels. 
[Score:  A=0, B=1, C=2, D=3 and E=4]
Why is this question important?

How many times have you heard businesses say that people are their greatest asset?  They are certainly one of, if not the biggest expenditure heading for most businesses.

People can be the catalyst for exceptional performance.  So what do you need to do to make this happen?

Getting great performance through people starts with hiring the right people with the right skills, knowledge and attributes is essential.  Many businesses fail to give this aspect adequate attention and detail, and as a result spend a fortune – time and money – in repeatedly filling posts.

Make the necessary investment to train those responsible for recruiting and get the right person for the job – or get outside professional help.

If you want to retain the best people, you need to develop clear career paths.  Those that deliver exceptional performance want opportunities to grow, develop, gain new skills, knowledge and experience.  When they know that these opportunities exist they are more motivated and deliver higher performance.

Everyone needs feedback, praise, approval and acknowledgement of the work they do well.  Equally they need feedback on what they need to work on and improve and the help, encouragement and resources to make progress.

Of course you need to ensure that remuneration and benefits strategies are aligned and appropriate. While these are not necessarily top of the motivation matrix, they are still within the top 4 or 5.

Most employees are interested in growing and developing. If you want exceptional performance you need continuous investment in people.

All businesses need to deliver good performance to thrive in today’s competitive and demanding business environment.  People can be the catalyst so what would have most impact on delivering exceptional performance in your organisation?

Some Qualities of a Great Business

  • a strong culture of motivating employees
  • a great team – all working together to improve the business
  • clearly defined strategic goals and specific strategic action plans to implement the strategy
  • clear focus and direction – everyone in the organization focused on the same goal, transmitting the same message and moving in the same direction
  • exceptional operational systems and processes that deliver consistency
  • lean, efficient business processes
  • highly productive and high performing employees
  • benefit from high customer & employee retention
  • high service standards
  • commitment to excellence
  • continuously communicate their Customer Value Proposition to their target markets
  • build increased brand recognition, awareness & growth

Some Qualities of an Average Business

  • cannot identify or emphasize any distinction or advantage
  • poor employee motivation, morale
  • little incentive to improve the business
  • high employee turnover and excessive labour costs
  • delivers inconsistent quality
  • poor time management
  • low productivity
  • poor accountability for who does what, when and how
  • has customers that never become loyal
  • has no system to evaluate and improve performance
  • no system to track & measure marketing results
  • no system to track & measure marketing results