Technology Up-skilling

Do you audit staff technology skills, and continuously invest in up-skilling?
A. No, we never assess staff technology skills, or invest in up-skilling.
B. We rarely assess staff technology skills.
C. We informally assess staff technology skills, and every few years invest in up-skilling.
D. We regularly audit staff technology skills, and occasionally invest in up-skilling.
E. We routinely audit staff technology skills, and continuously invest in up-skilling.
[Score:  A=0, B=1, C=2, D=3 and E=4]
Why is this question important?

Many businesses assess technology capability / talent only at the point of hiring.  This is indeed a narrow approach to employee technology assessment. On-going employee technology assessments can benefit the business greatly.

It is important to understand what employees are trying to accomplish with ‘empowering technology’.  You need to assess the technology requirements of the business now and going-forward and you should ask them, getting answers to critical questions including:

  • How ‘technology-empowered’ is your workforce compared with other firms in your industry?
  • Which employees and departments are using mobile, social, video, and cloud technologies?
  • What things are preventing your employees from feeling ‘technology’ empowered or acting resourcefully?
  • What problems are your employees solving with these technologies?
  • What problems are your employees unable to solving leveraging technologies?
  • What assistance do employees need from ‘technology’ to be successful?