Strategy Implementation KPIs

The primary reason for measuring performance indicators is to assess the underlying strategies identified and adopted by the company and their potential to succeed.  It is important to understand and explain why a specific performance indicator is relevant.  In many instances this will be because it measures progress towards achieving a specific strategic objective.

Examples from StrategyPal:

  • Strategic Objectives – percentage progress by objective:  0%,  25%,  50%,  75%  and  100% progress
  • Strategic Actions – status of actions:  0%,  25%,  50%,  75%  and  100% complete; also Early / Overdue
  • Strategic Time – showing how much time was devoted to strategic planning and implementation … by the team, by each manager
  • Audit Score – percentage scores within each of the audit subcategories – Overview, Financial, Customer, Internal Process and Learning & Growth

Financial KPIs
Customer KPIs
Internal Processes KPIs
Learning & Growth KPIs