Focus 4

The key to sales success is all about:

  1. retaining existing customers
  2. acquiring new customers
  3. getting more of each customers’ spend
  4. at higher margins

StrategyPal’s unique Focus 4 calculator helps you set targets and stretch targets and then track change impact in each of these four areas, even for very small changes. 

Again, these can be tracked by team, individual sales persons, and sales category.

StrategyPal’s Focus 4 drives you toward profitability by helping you avoid the pitfall of focusing only on turnover – a figure which may be misleading by overlooking cost.  The important measure of profitability is ‘contribution’ or ‘added value’ – the difference between the cost of sales and sales price. Focus 4 lets you know at a glance the true value of your sales.  

Other Components: