Pipeline Plus

Of course, at least as important as current sales figures and trends is a strategic means of looking into the future.  Strategypal’s Pipeline Plus is your “crystal ball” – it helps you explore what future sales levels will be required and scrutinise what their impact will be on your bottom line.

Sales is a numbers game. Consider this equation:

# of Leads x Conversion %  =
# of Sales x Average Sales Value =
Turnover x Contribution %  =
Key Result

A healthy sales pipeline is the result of aggressively acquired, promising leads.  Pipeline Plus lets you know the effect of increased high-value leads (or the dangers of weak numbers in this area) so that you can take action now to ramp up your pipeline, ensuring a stable future of sustained growth.

But is sustainability really enough?  Don’t you really want to boost performance and maximise profit through strategic management of the key drivers of turnover?  Strategypal’s Pipeline Plus also lets you dream about an ideal future, and take the steps toward making those dreams come true. 

What if you could increase:

  • lead generation by 5% or more?
  • your conversion percentage by 10% or more?
  • average sales value by even 3%?
  • or … contribution by just 2%?

Pipeline Plus lets you run these numbers and make truly informed decisions about your future as a result.

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