Another smart and useful feature of StrategyPal is XtraPal – a series of in-depth articles elaborating on all of the important concepts that make up the StrategyPal system.  

Indeed, taken together, the XtraPal articles constitute a comprehensive strategic planning and management course, capturing the collective knowledge and experience of the entire StrategyPal team and from experts from across the world of strategic planning.

However, there is no need to painstakingly read through every single article to get the most out of StrategyPal.  

Instead, XtraPal is like your virtual mentor, always available, no more than a click away with answers to any of your (or your clients’) questions.

Want to know more about drafting a mission statement? doing a SWOT analysis? … and what, exactly, is a ‘strategic theme?’   Just click on the XtraPal tab and the answers are right there, written in a clear, no-nonsense style that gets right to the point.